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Goodbye, Geraldine by Robert J. Morgan
A True Story Of Survival, Of Hope, Of Love Conquering All

About The Author:

Bob Morgan is a playwright, a guest speaker, an author, and a facilitator of writing workshops in Colorado. He is the retired president of a 125-employee business he ran for 22 years, a business management consultant, and a former NCAA boxing champion for the University of Wisconsin. He lives with his wife Susan in Boulder, Colorado.

"Goodbye, Geraldine is the story of a family surviving through tough times and against overwhelming odds under the care of Grams, the original single-mom in the epitome of single-parent homes. It is the story of a family surviving the ravages of poverty, the fears of war, and the calamity of alcoholism.

In Goodbye, Geraldine, Bob Morgan has created a tribute to the human spirit and a love story that helps us appreciate and celebrate life one precious moment at a time. It strikes a chord deep inside, fills us with hope, makes us laugh through our tears, and say, 'Yes!' to life." — Publishing Profile

"Gram was not quite like the Norman Rockwell version of grandmothers. She was more like a prizefighter with a pug hairdo. Yet she was a very feminine lady with immense kindness and a sense of fair play. We all truly loved Gram. She knew it. We knew it. But she didn't take a lot of nonsense from us and had no time for psychological games. She believed in corporal punishment, sure and swift... Gram didn't hear too well, but Tom and I knew she could see through steel doors, and sense us doing something wrong almost before we did it." — From Goodbye, Geraldine

Editor's Note:

I first became aware of Bob Morgan's unique ability to capture and blend the pathos and humor of human life when I was editor of a regional periodical and regularly published funny and poignant features he wrote, features that made readers laugh and cry — and call for more. He evokes those same responses in Goodbye, Geraldine, a profoundly moving and heart-tugging book that begins when America was reeling from Pearl Harbor and facing challenges like those we face today.

Readers have described Goodbye, Geraldine as a book they couldn't put down and hated to see end. I believe you will have the same experience. I am happy to present his work to you. I am even more happy to have this witty and wise counselor for a friend. As you read Goodbye, Geraldine, you will readily understand why. — John Gile

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