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At The Crossroads: A Vision Of Hope is about our future, about our rights, relationships, and responsibilities, about making life better and happier.

Today's children are growing up in a world with values very different from those most adults knew as children. Many freedoms we enjoyed just a few years ago are being lost to restrictions and precautions required to safeguard ourselves and our children from human predators.

There seems to be a double standard at work when it comes to dealing with the moral pollution which has been steadily eroding our human freedoms. Environmental pollution was met with outrage and determination to overcome it. Today we breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water because we resolved to change. But moral pollution which diminishes joy and destroys lives often is met with resignation.

Many shrug and say, "We can't do anything about it." At The Crossroads: A Vision Of Hope reminds us that we need not accept foul contaminants which corrupt our spirit any more than we need accept foul contaminants which choke and poison our bodies. It is not a theoretical treatise, but a prescription for change, starting with you and me. — John Gile, Editor and Publisher

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